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At Countrywide Contractors Ltd, we are dedicated to providing a white lining service that fully complies with all relevant safety and usage documentation throughout London and the surrounding areas. 

Our line marking team have the knowledge and experience to undertake professional line marking on public roads, including the marking of bus lanes, cycle lanes and pedestrian routes. 

Thermoplastic screed is the ideal product to use for road markings, this is because it dries on contact and meets the performance requirements of BS EN 1436. As a result, it reduces the disruption caused by road marking maintenance, on top of this it is available in a range of reflective and non-reflective colours, helping suit different clients needs. 

We also offer a burning off service. Burning off is a process whereby line markings are removed from tarmac using heat and compressed air. This process is not appropriate for concrete, so we would remove the lines using a scabbier, this grinds the thermoplastic from the surface. 

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