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Countrywide Contractors Ltd work very close with NCP by completing many works on their behalf by helping to maintain 79 car parks. Work completed includes - construction of new car parks, tarmacing, road markings, filling pot holes, drain gully cleaning, weed killing, cutting back overhanging trees, fitting height restrictions, supplying and fitting new signs and posts, salt and gritting of car parks.
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Transport For London
Countrywide Contractors Ltd complete work with Transport of London completing works like constructing new car parks, re-laying and constructions of new drains, survey CCTV to locate site drain blockage, concrete channels and gully gratings.
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Burhill Group Ltd
At Countrywide Contracts Ltd we have completed a project at Burhill of 6 miles of tarmac and overlay.  Alongside this, we supplied and laid 16,000 kerbs. 
Aldwickbury Park Golf Club
At Countrywide Contractors Ltd we have worked with Aldwickbury park golf club by tarmac overlaying their entrance drive way. During this project we also created speed ramps alongside road markings. 
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Birchwood Park Golf Club
Countrywide Contractors Ltd have worked with Birchwood park golf club by constructing a new car park with 100 spaces. With this we installed curbs, drains, we completed tarmac and lining. 
At Birchwood we also completed their entrance way  by digging up and adding new soakaway , finishing off with tarlmacing the surface  adding curbs and drains
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Birchwood Park Golf Club
Countrywide Contractors Ltd have worked with Birchwood park golf club by constructing a new trackman system. With this we are installing ducting, drainage, soak aways.
Additionally at Birchwood we are finishing off by supplying and laying granite fill for targets and cut and fill the driving range.
At Birchwood we are ensuring satisfaction for the members by completing an upgraded driving range. 
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Redbourn Golf Club
Countrywide Contractors Ltd has recently completed a Trackman project at Redbourn Golf Range.
The team stripped out soil, laid ductings for cables and reconstructed the targets. Astro turf was used for the Trackman targets.
Falck UK

At Countrywide Contractors Ltd we have worked with Falck UK, during this project, we supplied and lay aco drains, tarmac and lining works, x2 disability ramps and dust cart away muck to create two 250,000L Cessnas pits. 
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Ramsdale Park 

One of our most current projects, has been located at Ramsdale Park Golf Club in Nottingham. We have worked together with the team at Ramsdale to recreate a newly refurbished pond, to ensure satisfaction not only to members but and employees alike. 
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Thornbury Golf Centre 

Watch this space..... 2022 a new Pond and drainage in the driving Range all at Thornbury golf club in Gloucestershire.
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