Quality Policy Statement of Countrywide Contractors Limited

It is the Policy of Countrywide Contractors Limited to profitably undertake Demolition, Groundwork’s and Civil Engineering design and projects which comply fully with Clients’ requirements and conform to standards recognised by our Clients as being excellent.

To ensure achievement of this Policy and provide a framework for performance improvement, a Quality Management System is established to meet, and continue to meet, the requirements of 9001: 2000.

Countrywide Contractors Limited Quality Assurance objectives are;

  1. To ensure that Client requirements and expectations are fully understood, standards created and service delivery continually monitored against these standards.
  2. To consistently meet Client requirements by Quality performance and adoption of best practice.
  3. To provide the right organisation and resources and employ the right people to ensure Quality products and services, which fulfil Client’s requirements effectively and efficiently.
  4. To continually review and monitor all aspects of operations to identify opportunities for implementing continuing improvement.

The implementation of the Quality Management System is mandatory, but its success can only be achieved by the participation and commitment of everyone within the Company. Each employee will receive full support to ensure that the Quality System is effectively communicated, implemented and maintained throughout.

It is our responsibility to ensure the Quality System functions correctly and its effectiveness is maintained through monitoring, control, audit and review.