Company Profile

Countrywide Contractors Limited is a long established family construction Company, a successful business seeks to generate capital and achieve a healthy profit and at Countrywide Contractors Limited we certainly subscribe to this prime strategy. However, where we stand out from many of our competitors is in the manner in which we seek to achieve this objective because, for us, business is personal. We are steadfast in our conviction that our success is dependent on our ability to provide exacting standards throughout all aspects of the construction process.

Drawing on years of experience we know that the measurement of our success lies in the hands of our clients and their professional team and our ability to produce and maintain the service they require. From Tender stage to the completion of the defects liability period and beyond, we continually seek to improve on our standards and expertise with focus on a simple mission, to take pride in what we achieve.

However this is only half the story, at Countrywide Contractors Limited we realise that our projects are successful because we put so much effort into working in partnership with our clients and their design teams. We are especially conscious of your business needs and you would find that we pay particular attention to making sure that our estimating is accurate, that we understand and are highly sympathetic to maintaining your “business as usual”working environment throughout the building works especially important for schools, public buildings or retail environments and that we provide a thorough and reliable post completion back-up service as part of every project